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Higher Education Without Barriers

Everyone with the potential to go to university should have the opportunity to achieve their goal. We are committed to Higher Education Without Barriers. Your help will ensure no one is left behind.

The opportunity to go to university can be life-changing, unfortunately for many it is out of reach. Together, we are changing this. Through the Higher Education Without Barriers Fund, we are providing a range of financial initiatives, mental health and wellbeing services and community-based projects to make participation and progression in higher education more achievable for academically talented students regardless of their social or economic circumstances.

Since it's launch in January 2022, the Higher Education Without Barriers campaign has raised £3.1 Million so far to support over 2000 students across the Northumbria University community. In 2024 we aim to build on this success and ensure that all of those in need can access support and make the most of their talents.

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